PINATA’s second-generation analytics solution sets a new standard for collecting and analyzing experiential marketing data.  

Consistent with PINATA’s mission to power the experiential marketing industry, this major release will deliver more efficient and more successful campaigns, thanks to new and improved functionality for all users of the PINATA platform.

Dashboard Tabs: 

Dashboard are now optimized by event type allowing you to distinguish between retail samplings, on-premise promotions, events, and more, tracking performance uniquely for each one.


Hover over the tooltip icon (top left of any chart) to get more information on the data displayed. 


More powerful filters enable ROI measurement across a wide variety of segments.

  • Date Range: The date range will default to 30 days prior to your last report. Select ‘Custom Range’ to select a specific start and end date.
  • Product: Products will only appear if they are connected to the Organization.
  • Location: Type in any location name and see all results that have a similar match. You can use this filter to search for a retailer (ie. Whole Foods). a specific location (ie. 123 Main St.) or a geographic location/market (ie. New York). 
  • GoGetter: GoGetters will only appear if they were staffed during the Programs you are filtering for. 

Downloading Data

Custom data exports - in both PDF and CSV formats - allow for easy sharing and internal analysis.

  • Click the arrow that says Download PDF in the top right of any dashboard to download the entire dashboard as a PDF. Note, this download can take 1-3 minutes. Once clicked, you will see the download begin on the bottom of the screen.
  • Hover over the three lines in the top right of any chart to download the chart data. All charts have the option to download data into a CSV.  For chart images, you will see the option to download as an image as well.

Chart Navigation

Easy navigation within charts to dive deeper into your data.

  • You can zoom in and out of any map chart using the + & -
  • You can zoom into any graph by selecting and holding down on the area you would like to zoom into.
  • You can click on any chart column to sort, click once to sort A - Z and again to re-sort Z- A

Pivot Tables

Interactive pivot tables allow you measure ROI across various measures.

  • You can expand or collapse pivot tables by clicking on the ^. This will expand or collapse the data.
  • You can click the three lines in the top right corner of a pivot table and select Edit Pivot table to adjust columns, rows, and/or values. 

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