GoGetters are asked to fill out Field Reports after a gig and answer various questions based on the gig and client. 

If your GoGetters need the link - you can find it within My Workflow. Click the blue arrow to get additional gig dropdown details and click Report Link.

GoGetters will get friendly reminders to complete these reports before and after they have worked a gig.

To Verify a gig: 

  1. Log in and click into the Workflow Tab
  2. Scroll down to the Needs Review section
  3. Click the blue drop down for each gig that needs to be verified
  4. Select Review
  5. A Verification popup window will show you all details of the field report
  6. You will be able to check the report answers, check in & out time, location, and expenses. To edit the report, click EDIT in blue at the top right next to the Field Report.
  7. Click to verify, return, or reject. You are able to leave a personal message to the GoGetter as well. Note, the GoGetter will receive a notification when you reject a report or when you verify with a message included. 
  8. Verify & Continue will lead you to the next gig that is awaiting approval.

Note, you are not able to verify an incomplete report.

Return a Gig

If you wish to re-send the link for the GoGetter to fill out, simply hit "Return." This will automatically email your GoGetter with a button to edit their field report. You can also include a message if you wish.

Reject a Gig

Sometimes you need to reject a gig because of inappropriate behavior, falsified information, no-show, etc. You can hit REJECT and optionally include a message to your GoGetter why you are doing so. Rejections are permanent. By rejecting a report, you’ll remove its data from reporting dashboards. 

Editing a Report

If you wish to edit a number you can confirm is incorrect and have spoken with the GoGetter to find the correct answer/s, you may edit and then verify. Simply click EDIT, make changes to the field report as you wish. All changes are saved immediately.

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