See below for instructions on how to review your Talent's geolocation at the time of an assigned shift

  1. Log into your dashboard at 
  2. On your gigs tab, you will see all active gigs - Look in your LIVE or Review sections for gigs that are currently executing or have recently been completed
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon on the right of the gig to expand to the gig overview
  4. Tracking section will include all of the check in/out times and geolocation 

NOTE: Geotagging is a very helpful option though we can not always guarantee accuracy. The location depends on providing location information, granting location sharing permission, and if the talent denies it or happens to have this setting turned off, the fallback is to the previous cell tower which could be a few miles away.

All of this information call also be found in the Gig Report in the 'Tracking' section at the top of the report to help you with verifying gig reports.

Make sure to take a look at this when verifying gigs to confirm your Talent was on time and at the right location for their shift!

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