Once you select Cancel you will have the option to select the reason for cancelling the gig. See below for all options and when to select. 

  • Weather/Act of God- You have confirmed with the client that conditions are not safe to travel in.
  • Insufficient Product Onsite-  Account says there isn't enough product in inventory.
  • No Demo Kit / Supplies- The client was not able to get the demo kit/supplies to the GoGetter in time for the event and it is a requirement for them to do the demo.
  • Upload Error- You accidentally uploaded a gig, duplicated a gig, etc.
  • GoGetter No Show- Your GoGetter did not show up for an event.
  • Could Not Staff- You  are unable to staff an event and there is no alternate option.
  • Account Scheduling Issues- You are unable to confirm scheduling details with the account.
  • Other-anything outside of the criteria above. Be sure to write in a description.

It is the users responsibility to relay any cancellations or issues to the client/agency. All cancellation communication should happen in real time via email unless expressed differently between client and agency. 


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