In your dashboard, you'll see a tab labeled "OVERVIEW". This is only shown for one program at a time and is based on the information provided at the time of the program request. 

On the right hand side, you will see the PINATA Partner as well as the Program Manager(s) if PINATA if assisting in staffing your events. If you need to connect with your partner directly, you can email them by clicking on their email. Please always CC, so we can ensure all your questions are addressed. Otherwise, simply chat with support for any technical questions. Thanks!

Overview: Contains information such as program type, dates, markets, description, and more.

Staffing Needs: This area shows the roles, your rate, hours/gig, and estimated number of gigs - if provided.

Products: This area shows which products are tied to this program. The products listed here are the ones that are selectable when booking gigs. 

Program Schedule: This area shows important scheduling information, such as if the you or agency partner is doing the scheduling, 

Program Logistics: Here you will find details such as what your or the agency is expected to provide in a demo kit, as well an any expense policy information.

Training: Additional brand messaging, training methods, and program-wide files are uploaded here.

Note: programs created in the past may be missing some information on this screen that was only contained in the SOW, but all new programs will have everything listed here!

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