Gigs can be private or public, you can choose how you want to label your gigs when assigning talent.

You are able to assign your talent directly from your roster, share individual gigs on an as-needed basis to a select group, post gigs just to your roster, or post them publicly and find new talent. If you would like more information on assigning GoGetters to gigs, take a look at our article on Assigning Talent HERE.

Post to Roster Gigs

Posting to Roster is a great way for you to share gigs with your entire roster of GoGetters, but not expose that gig publicly to anyone else. Use this option when you want only you own team to apply to your gigs. 

Public Gigs (All GoGetters on PINATA)

Public gigs are searchable and will only show up if a GoGetter is actively searching AND that GoGetter signed up for PINATA independently (or works with multiple companies). If a GoGetter signed up exclusively through an invite from your company, they are not shown public gigs. When you post publicly on PINATA, you can find great new talent and vet them to be part of your team! We know that recruiting new talent is hard, so that’s why we’re giving you so many ways to find new folks if needed.

However you decided to Post your gigs it will be noted in the Talent section on the gig. 

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