PINATA makes it easy for you to assign talent to upcoming gigs in a variety of ways. You can either assign someone from your team, share a specific gig with a group of people, post it publicly and receive applications, or post it just to your roster of users. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click into any gig that is Ready to Assign
  2. Click Share
  3. You can choose between Assign, Share, or Post
  • Assign - After finalizing or editing a gig, you’ll notice 'Save and Continue to Assignment' at the bottom of the screen. Under 'Assign', you can access your roster of GoGetters. Simply click a name and you’re done! Can’t find someone? You can also search for them by name/email to filter the results. Once assigned, your GoGetter receives an email notification that includes relevant details such as time, date, location, products, and reporting questions (as well as a link to view even more details in their app).  You can also include a customized note to them.
  • Share - PINATA also allows you to share a specific gig with a select group of people. This works great for last-minute gigs that you need to staff! Simply copy/paste the link or click 'Send Via Email' to share it. GoGetters who are sent this link can apply and you will see who can work it under 'Assign'. For more info on sharing a gig, check out the article on Public & Private Gigs.
  • Post - When you post to your private roster or post publicly on PINATA, simply choose “Post”. Click here to learn more. This is a great way to receive applications and discover who's available to work your gigs.

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