The 'Workflow' tab will show you all of your gigs on PINATA.  You can chose what programs you want to view from the top header - you can select all programs, a few, or just one! To open a section or expand a single gig, click the blue arrow.

See below for more details on each section:

Handed Off - These are gigs that have been handed-off by a client. They may be missing information (such as products, date, location, etc.) which you can edit and finalize. Even if the client provided all information, you will still need to designate your GoGetters rate. 

You can edit 'Handed Off' gigs by expanding the gig using the blue arrow. From here you can choose to 1) 'Move to Ready', if it already has all relevant details, you will only need to enter a GoGetter rate or 2) 'Edit', if you need to change details or add missing information. 3) 'Duplicate' the gig, to easily make a copy per the clients request. 4) 'Cancel' the Gig. 

You can also hit 'Create New Gigs' under this section to make a new gig on behalf of a client.

Ready to Assign - These are gigs that are filled in (with GoGetter rate) and ready to assign. Additionally, if you’ve posted gigs for application, you’ll see them listed here with # of applicants. You can click 'Share', 'Assign to One Person', 'Edit', 'Duplicate', or 'Cancel' when expanding the blue arrow to move it into the next area: 'Upcoming'.

You can also hit 'Invite Team Members' in this section to invite your GoGetters to sign up for a PINATA account.

Upcoming - These gigs are locked and loaded! All of these gigs are in the future with a GoGetter already assigned. In this section you can 'Edit', 'Update Assignment', 'Duplicate', or 'Cancel' a gig by clicking the blue drop down arrow, or expanding the bright blue arrow on the upper right corner of the gig.

Happening Today - These gigs are happening today (from 12am to 11:59pm today). You can quickly see their status such as 'No Check In', 'Checked In', or 'Checked Out'. You can also click the GoGetter name to view their profile and contact them if need be. Finally, 'Preview Report' allows you re-share a reporting link if your GoGetter is unable to find their gig via email, sms, or in their app.

Needs Review - These are gigs that are in the past and require your attention. You can see status labels such as 'No check in', 'No check out', 'No Report', and 'Report Done' (needs verification).  

All gigs will move to 'Needs Review' until you Verify, Return, Reject, or Cancel them. You can click 'REVIEW' under the blue arrow to open up the gig report. From here, you can edit results, verify, or reject the gig. 'No Check In' means the GoGetter has not yet checked in. 'No Check Out' means the GoGetter has checked in, but has not checked out. Learn more about gig verification here

Verified - These are gigs that are done and already verified by you. All set!

Rejected -
These gigs have been rejected by you.

Cancelled -
These gigs have been cancelled.

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