The PINATA community is one that acts to ensure all members of our marketplace are respected, cared for, and the highest quality work is constantly delivered. As a member of the PINATA community, we ask that you commit to and participate in delivering the following standards to ensure that the highest level of work is delivered to our collective end consumer.


Consistently delivering on commitments.  If there is a need to change a plan, we ask that you please do so in a timely manner and only in an emergency. 


When working with the PINATA community, always conduct yourself with the utmost respect and integrity in all aspects of your work, this includes the language you use, dress,  and actions towards others. 


As a master of your field, you are accountable for yourself, your actions and sharing your knowledge of your category to the best of your ability. 


A commitment to clear, concise, direct, and respectful two way communication is key to being part of the PINATA community. We constantly listen and engage with others to problem solve and achieve positive shared outcomes. 


Every part of our community goes the extra mile to ensure and support the success of our programs. 


The PINATA community has a commitment to inclusive practices. We value and embrace our differences.  

If you have more specific question regarding the expectations PINATA has for its agency partners, you can find a detailed outline in the Service Level Agreement sent at the beginning of our partnership.

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