View all of your past, present, and future gigs

  • After choosing your program(s) from the top selector, all the gigs automagically sort underneath. No need to filter… we did it for you! 
  • Gigs are listed chronologically from today forwards, and by default the 'Next 28 Days'. You can change the date range to whatever you'd like to view (past/present/future) by selecting the calendar icon.
  • 'Include gigs without dates' shows those you've handed off without a date or drafts without dates in this list.

Gig Details (Expansion)

You can expand the details of each gig to see a more detailed address, more products, as well as Agency Guidance and GoGetter Instructions.

Gig Actions

Gig actions are on the right hand side of each gig. You can click the pencil icon to edit, or click the arrow to expand more actions such as cancel or duplicate. On mobile, simply swipe to the left to expand.


Click to View Profile Photo

Want to see a GoGetter's profile photos? Simply click on their name where it is underlined!

Understanding Gig Status Labels

Gigs are clearly marked for you to better understand what state they are now in the lifecycle. You can mouseover at any time for a reminder!

My Draft This is a draft. You can hand off to finalize when ready.

Pending Handed off but has not yet been finalized by your agency partner.

Upcoming Finalized and ready for a GoGetter.

Upcoming - Talent Confirmed Finalized and staffed with a GoGetter

Live! GoGetter has checked in to the gig!

Recently Completed - Under Review Gig has passed and is under review.

Recently Completed - Awaiting Field Report GoGetter has checked out and still needs to finish the field report.

Recently Completed - Pending Verification GoGetter has completed their field report and is now waiting for it to be verified.

Verified Field report has been verified by your agency partner.

Canceled This is a canceled gig. 

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