Booking a gig is simple! Simply log into your account at to get started and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Book A Gig in the upper right corner of the dashboard

2. Select which program you want to book this gig(s)

3. Select the number of gigs you wish to create with the exact same details

4. Select one of your existing roles

5. Enter your products, location, date, time and other gig details

5. Select 'Save and Hand Off' or 'Save As Draft'. 'Save and Hand Off' will send the gig to your agency partner to get started with staffing. 'Save as Draft' will save the gigs as a draft, you will need to hand these draft gigs off at a later time when you wish to hand them over the the agency to staff.

6. You can see the status of your gig (and who's assigned) in the My Calendar or Workflow tabs.

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