By approving a Gig, you are letting us know that you have verified that all numbers given by the Talent are as accurate as possible for optimal reporting data. 

To Verify a Gig: 

  1. Log in and click into the Gigs Tab
  2. You can Filter by the Gigs tab to see only gigs in Review Section
  3. All gigs that need to be verified will be in Verify Report, Click the magnify icon on the far right of the gig to expand to the gig overview 
  4. Scroll to the Report Section and click the dropdown arrow to expand the section to see all of the report questions
  5. You will be able to check the report answers, check in & out time, location, and expenses. To edit the report, click EDIT in blue at the top left next to Report. Note the expense section in the top right does not impact your billing with PINATA - this is simply for you to share / track. 
  6. Click to Verify, Return, or Reject (details below). You are able to leave a personal message to the Talent as well. Note, the Talent will receive a notification when you reject a report or when you verify with a message included. The Talent will not receive a notification if you verify with no message. 

Note, you are not able to verify an incomplete report. You must edit it or RETURN to Talent.

To ensure that we are providing our clients with realtime verified data, PINATA expects gigs to be edited and/or approved within 72 hours of the gigs completion.

Before verifying a gig, make sure to check:

  1. Check In + Check Out times - Did your Talent successfully check in and out?
  2. The report information is accurate. Take a second look at numbers that might be outliers (i.e: Number of units of product sold was 50 at one account and 3,000 for the second account.)
  3. Expense amounts are correct and receipts are attached if necessary. 

Return a Gig

If you wish to re-send the link for the Talent to fill out, simply hit "Return." This will automatically email your Talent with a button to edit their field report. You can also include a message if you wish.

Reject a Gig

Sometimes you need to reject a gig because of inappropriate behavior, falsified information, no-show, etc. You can hit REJECT and optionally include a message to your Talent why you are doing so. Rejections are permanent. By rejecting a report, you’ll remove its data from reporting dashboards. You will not be paid for this gig, and the Talent will be automatically informed that he or she will not be paid, either.

Editing a Report

If you wish to edit a report, simply view the gig and click the Edit button next to Report. You may edit reports before or after verification. Please note that verified gigs can only be edited so long as they have not yet been billed. HERE is another article to show you how to edit verified gigs.

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