At the core of our values, we rely on the quality of our Talent and their managing partners to ensure that you, and the rest of our clients, experience the best reporting in the field reporting market.  

While we are doing everything we can to set the Talent up for success with the right in-field tools, there will likely be instances where the data may skew that doesn't seem entirely accurate.  Things like samples distributed or # sold is often subjective, as many stores typically push back on providing that sales # on the spot (some do, but most don't).  

Rest assured, it is our priority to provide our Partners and Talent with the right tools to be able to report back as accurately and timely as possible, while also ensuring all Talent are properly trained on best practices when it comes to reporting.

We appreciate your patience and will always look to ensure you receive transparency into each gig executed, with the goal of getting you the most accurate information available.

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