In this article, we will cover how to make sure you are correctly reimbursed for any covered expenses on PINATA.

Reimbursement for expenses, travel, and training vary task to task. Some tasks provide reimbursement for all three, some for a few, and some none at all. Your manager will let you know whether or not they will provide reimbursement for each task.

Once you've been assigned to a task you can view the covered expenses by following these steps:

  1. Login here

  2. Select Work

  3. Select the task you wish to view the covered expenses for

  4. Select the Pay dropdown arrow. You can see the expenses there:

Always check which expenses are covered before purchasing any items for a task. Please take clear pictures of each receipt you need to upload as well. All expenses are approved by your manager. If you have any questions about your expenses, reach out to your manager for clarification.

Here are the steps for declaring an expense on your report:

  1. Open the Expense section of the field report

  2. Select Add another receipt

  3. Here you MUST upload the photos of the receipt

  4. You MUST type in the total amount of all receipts you are submitting for reimbursement.

  5. Select whether you used a personal or company credit card

  6. Type in a caption for this receipt such as "Drink Mixer", "Ice" or "Product to sample"

Even if you don't have any expenses you must check the option of "I don't have any expenses".

Check out the video below to see how the expense section looks:

If you are having issues uploading a receipt, please send them directly to your manager or contact for further assistance.

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