From your Gigs tab, select the magnifying glass to expand the gig that you would like the verify. Go to the Report section and select the dropdown arrow on the right hand side. When verifying, you might want to make edits the report before taking any action to Verify. Here's a video to show you how to do that:

Once you are viewing the report, click EDIT to the right of Report. This option allows you to see the answers to the report itself as filled out by the Talent. Click "View" to go back at any time.

  • If answers are blank, that means the Talent did not fill them out at all. To change this, you can either RETURN to the Talent or edit it yourself. Simply click EDIT at the top right of the report.
  • If answers seem to be off (ex: a product sampler interacted with 7,000 people within a 3 hour shift) you can speak with your Talent directly and figure out the correct number and then edit this number within the Edit Field Report page.


Once you've clicked EDIT, you can now click on any section to edit individual answers. When a section is fully green, this means every answer has been completed. If it's only partially full circle (or empty), this means there are missing answers. Click open to see which answers are still blank.

When a section is completed, it will look like this:

We save everything as you enter it/upload it - so no need to worry!

If you have any other questions click on the chat bubble to talk with a member of the PINATA team or email us at

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