With more power, comes more responsibility! We ask that you please check in on all shifts in your program(s) for:

  1. Numbers that seem to be outliers, i.e: Number of units of product sold was 50 at one account and 3,000 for the second account. 
  2. Checking for Discrepancies: Click “Report” at the top of the page. Once you are in the Report page you can filter start and end dates. This may take some time to check to see if there are any outliers for each gig, but it is crucial for accuracy.
  3. Completeness: You can access a report by going to Needs Review under My Workflow and clicking Review under any gig. Within a report, you will be able to see which question have and have not been answered. If you wish to re-send the link for the GoGetter to review or edit, you can click Return on the right side of this view. 

PINATA expects gigs to be edited and/or approved within 72 hours of the gigs completion. We will follow up with you if we catch anything wonky on our end as well!

If you have any other questions click on the chat bubble to talk with a member of the PINATA team or email us at support@gopinata.com.

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