Don’t worry! If you are unable to check in/out due to bad service, please try stepping outside of the trouble area for better service to complete your check in and out.

When you can't connect, we'll let you know with a banner across the top of your screen. If you see this message, be sure to find a connection soon so everything uploads correctly. We do our best to save everything temporarily on your phone - but it's only temporary! 

TIP: We also suggest taking the required gig pictures and saving to your phone's camera roll if they won't upload -- you can always add them in again later. 

After the gig, you can also go to and go to MY GIGS under PAST to edit your report. If you are trying to access the link more than 3 days after your gig, it will not appear in MY GIGS. In that case, please email your manager or PINATA support to receive an edit link to make further changes.

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