First things first, let's start by getting you checked in so that you can get paid for your hours today! 

Super simple; you can check in through the link sent to you via text and email 30 minutes prior to the gig. You can also log into, click on MY GIGS, find your gig under Confirmed, then click Check in Now. Make sure you have reception/cell service when you check in. You may need to check in just outside of the event location to ensure you have service. 

NOTE: We send you all the questions in the 30 minute email reminder ahead of time (and they're also visible in the gig on so that you can be prepared for the gig. Some accounts frown upon phone use during an event, so we suggest alerting the manager on duty that you will be using a phone sparingly during the event to complete reporting... but not to worry, you can still complete your PINATA report later even after you checkout! Until you hit SUBMIT REPORT, everything is editable.

Once you have clicked the link or check in button, your browser will ask you for location - please say yes! This ensures you are in the right spot before you get started.

NOTE: Geotagging is a very helpful option though we can not always guarantee accuracy. The location depends on providing location information, granting location sharing permission, and if you deny it or happen to have this setting turned off, the fallback is to the previous cell tower which could be a few miles away.

Next, you will be prompted to fill out the reporting questions about where the product is located, prices, etc. Questions vary depending on event type. Please complete the check in completely in order to click the link again to answer questions when it is time to check out of your gig. Again, you find this within MY GIGS as well showing "COMPLETE NOW"

Progress Indicator

We'll always show you how many answers you've completed and how many are left in the top left corner. Partially completed sections are marked with a green circle. Fully completed sections are all green!

You will receive a reminder to check out just before the gig is over. 

PS - If you're unable to complete the reporting questions during the gig, you can always click the link again via later to fill it in after the gig is over!

If you have any other issues please feel free to reach out to us via email at or through the chat bubble on your screen! 

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