Wondering where you can find all of your gigs whether they are old or new?

Now it’s super easy to find them and keep track of what’s going on.

In the “My Gigs” section of the mobile web app, you will see a record of gigs that are Confirmed, Applied, Complete, and Past. 

What do the "My Gig" Sections Mean?

Confirmed  - Upcoming events you are assigned to on PINATA.
Applied - Upcoming open events you have applied to on PINATA.
Complete - Recently completed events. That you have submitted reports for.
Past - Recently completed events with incomplete reports. If you need to edit or complete a recent report you will find it in the Past section.

Please remember that  you only have access to your completed gigs for up to 5 days after. If you need to edit after the 5 day period please contact support@gopinata.com.

If you have any trouble finding your gigs or are experiencing any tech issues please let our support team know by clicking the chat bubble or emailing us at support@gopinata.com.

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