In this article, we'll show you to find all your tasks whether they are upcoming or finished.

Here are the steps to view your tasks:

  1. Login here

  2. Select Work

  3. Use the options at the top of your view to find tasks as defined below:

  • Summary - View all your action items for today.

  • Active - Upcoming open tasks you have applied to on PINATA.

    • Upcoming - Upcoming tasks you are assigned to on PINATA.

    • Ready - Tasks that are ready to check-in and work on PINATA.

    • Underway - Tasks that have been checked-in to and are now live. Tasks with incomplete reports or returned by your manager can be found in the Underway section.

  • Finished

    • Submitted - Recently completed tasks you have submitted reports for.

    • Finished - Completed tasks you have submitted reports for and have been verified by your manager.

Pro-Tip: In the Active and Finished tabs, you can search for a task using keywords related to the task.

Please remember that you only have access to your completed tasks for up to 5 days after. If you need to edit after the 5 day period please contact your manager.

If you have any trouble finding your tasks or are experiencing any tech issues please let our support team know by clicking the chat bubble or emailing us at

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