GoGetter: How to View Tasks

Let's discuss how you view your tasks past, present & future.

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In this article, we'll show you to find all your tasks whether they are upcoming or finished.

To view your tasks:

  1. Login here.

  2. Select Work.

  3. Use the sections at the top of your view to find tasks defined below:

  • Summary - View your immediate upcoming tasks for today.

  • Active - Upcoming tasks assigned to you.

    • Upcoming - Upcoming assigned tasks.

    • Ready - Tasks that are ready for you to complete.

    • Underway - Tasks that are live and you are completing. Tasks with incomplete reports or returned by your employer can be found in this section too.

  • Finished

    • Submitted - Recently completed tasks you have submitted.

    • Finished - Completed tasks you have submitted and have been verified by your employer.

Pro-Tip: In the Active and Finished tabs, you can search for a task using keywords related to the task.

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