Hi Gogetter!

You can check the statuses of all of the gigs that you've applied for in your My Gigs tab.

If you’re wondering what the status of your application is, below are the four possible statuses of a gig:


An Applied status signifies your application has been sent successfully. The PINATA Partner managing this event will be able to view the profile you’ve created and will make a decision accordingly.

Note: Every brand or partner is different and some take a little longer than we may like to make a selection. If it’s taking awhile for you to get selected for a gig, don’t get discouraged! As soon as a brand has selected you as the Gogetter for their gig, you will be immediately notified!


Congrats! Once you are selected you’ll receive a notification from PINATA and your status will change to Selected. Did things change in the time from your application to their selection? Makes sense- you’re a hot commodity! You’ll be able to confirm or decline the gig selection right from your email by clicking "Confirm" or "Withdraw" from within the gig on gogetter.gopinata.com 


Once you’ve confirmed the selection, the status of your gig will change to Confirmed. You can see all gigs you're confirmed on under "Confirmed" in MY GIGS.

Gigs that you've worked in the past will appear under "Past" in My Gigs.

I hope this helps! If you have any trouble or are experiencing any issues please let our support team know at support@gopinata.com.

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