Hi there! It’s good to know that you want to keep your profile up to date.

Super simple to edit– If you go to Settings section of you PINATA account you will have the option to make edits in the various sections, such as Profile, Locations & Travel, Availability, and Contact & Password. 

Profile - Self Summary, Photos, Languages spoken, and more. The documents section is a great area for you to upload certifications (examples of a great profile below!).

Location & Travel - Input you location and travel preferences so that your manager can assign you to gigs close to you. Learn more here

Availability - Keep your availability update on your own calendar. Block off days you know you are unavailable! Learn more here 

Contact & Password - Update you email or password at any time in this section.

Note: You must be invited to join your company and create a profile by your manager. Once created, your profile information is only visible to your manager and visible to clients only when you are staffed on their gigs.

If you have any trouble or are experiencing any tech issues please let our support team know at support@gopinata.com.

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