The PINATA partner program provides agencies with access to over thousands of high volume brands. By partnering with PINATA, agencies are alleviated of the need to track promotions and provide reports, as they are provided with custom national level software that tracks data in real time. This allows agencies to focus on what they do best- recruit quality talent and provide quality training and management to staff. As a result, agencies no longer need to allocate major budgets to developing costly tracking and reporting programs and can quickly increase the size of their business.


  • Community: Join a curated community of the most respected agency partners nationally
  • Client Services: Our experienced, top notch Client Services team will manage the top level client relationships so you can focus on what you do best - staffing, talent management & execution!
  • Field Management Tool: PINATA’s mobile web app enables Gogetters to check in and out of gigs to track their hours, collect reporting, confirm and update gigs, and more!
  • Real time data collection & reporting presentations: PINATA provides sophisticated data analytics and reporting, while our field management tool makes it easy for Gogetters to capture real time data so you don’t have to spend hours chasing down reports every week. PINATA alleviates the burden from you of compiling summary reports for Clients.
  • Business Development: Gain access to more high volume brands, increasing the size of your business.
  • Client Billing & AR Management: We bill the client and manage the AR and provide you with a timely and consistent payment cycle (bill PINATA monthly and we guarantee payment within 30 days). PINATA manages invoicing, which reduces collections time.
  • Field Management Tool: PINATA provides a field management system to schedule and book talent, as well as track Gogetter activity, invoicing, expenses and reporting


  • Increased access to new brands
  • Real-time reporting
  • Increased visibility for brands
  • Program management
  • Larger network of brands
  • Unified platform with standardized reporting
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