PINATA Partners (agencies), Gogetters, and Clients use PINATA to manage, work or staff field marketing campaigns. The PINATA platform eliminates the countless hours spent on tedious, inefficient job boards and spreadsheets to recruit talent and manage programs.

PINATA Partners

By partnering with PINATA, agencies are alleviated of the need to track promotions and provide reports, as they are provided with custom national level software that tracks data in real time. This allows agencies to focus on what they do best, provide quality training and management to staff! As a result, agencies no longer need to allocate major budgets to developing costly tracking and reporting programs and can quickly increase the size of their business.

PINATA was founded by the creators of ForceBrands (BevForce, FoodForce and BeautyForce), we have established relationships with many brands over the years who look to us as a trusted resource to staff events.


Brands have access to a larger quantity as well as a higher quality marketplace comprised of Gogetters from our trusted PINATA Agency Partners looking to represent their brand. Eliminating the hassle of working with multiple separate agencies, PINATA ties your national program together to serve you through a cohesive and central tracking resource This allows the brand to spend less time on admin work and the scramble of trying to find people to work their gigs and more time building and growing their brand. PINATA also offers a dashboard for reporting that will show the brand how their products have sold, sampled, etc within each shift. 

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